Do I need a depreciation report?

Yes. Your accountant will need this report in order to input your depreciation expenses for the income tax year. This will reduce your taxable income, and therefore save you potentially thousands in tax !!!

Are your fees tax deductible?

Absolutely. Our fees are 100% tax-deductible. Meaning your accountant can fully claim our expenses on your tax return.

I am busy and would prefer if you contacted my accountant and property manager. Is this possible?

With your written consent, we can contact your property manager to complete a property inspection and deliver the report to your accountant, without taking any precious time from your day.

What else can I claim as a tax deduction on my investment property?

Generally, two of the biggest tax deductions you can claim are Interest and Depreciation expenses. Other expenses that are claimable at tax time include, but are not limited to: rates, body corporate fees, service charges on your water bills, insurance, garden upkeep, and some repairs and maintenance expenses. Always check with your tax accountant before claiming these expenses.